IAS Logistics operates a robust air cargo delivery business through partner airlines, supported by nearly a hundred land fleets comprising container trucks, truck boxes, wing boxes, CDE, and CDD. Additionally, we offer multimodal solutions utilizing cargo planes and ships. With strategically located digital warehouses in major cities such as Jakarta, Bali, and East Java, we cater to import-export, distribution, and logistics contracts.

Our proven expertise extends to handling international projects, including cargo operations for prestigious events like the Mandalika MotoGP, World Superbike (WSBK), Motor Cross Grand Prix (MXGP), and the F1 PowerBoat World Championship.

Our Main Services

1. Logistics

Since 2012, IAS has provided a range of logistics services, including large project logistics, customs clearance, multimodal transport, contract logistics, special storage, and value-added distribution, all meeting ISO 9001 and ISO 45001 standards. In air logistics, we ensure swift delivery with regular and same-day services, boasting expertise in air freight expeditions, Air Waybill services, and charter flights.

As the leading middle-mile operator, serving as a cargo terminal operator at 36 major domestic airports, we cater to over 100 loyal customers. With diverse land modes and digital warehousing capabilities in Jakarta, Denpasar, & East Java, we distribute 1,500,000 tons monthly through 160 trips, solidifying IAS as a strategic logistics partner.

2. Retail Baggage Service

IAS Retail Baggage Services specializes in ensuring the security of aircraft passenger cargo at 16 major domestic airports, representing 1.6% of total passengers annually.

Our comprehensive services encompass wrapping, stripping, baggage delivery, and storage, guaranteeing the safety of luggage. With 1,948,076 services provided yearly, we account for 14% of international passenger baggage, underscoring our commitment to security and efficiency.